Remember when you wished for all you have right now?

Remember when you wished for all you have right now? It’s a popular sentiment that swirls in the internet-o-sphere. Last week our family had a day I’d been dreaming about for years. It was Thanksgiving and it was pouring and it was chilly (yes, chilly, even by my New England roots standards). A fire roared in the […]

It’s OK to lean out

In today’s world, when we can be and do anything, what if we simply want to opt-out? This episode addresses the various points in our lives when we may want to step back, how to make an informed decision, and how it all comes down to values. Resources: Values exercise – how to determine your […]

When it feels like gratitude isn’t “working”

Admittedly, a few years back, I was a bit underwhelmed by the whole gratitude concept.  I show thanks daily. I grew up saying prayers at bedtime. Our family collectively holds hands and recites thanks before dinner. And I write thank you notes aplenty. What more is there? Turns out, a lot. And it didn’t hit me […]

Making white space

Mondays are my favorite. The newness of a week. The promise of what’s to come – that which has been planned and the spontaneous moments – it all awaits. The first hour of my Monday is about calendaring. Scheduling the carpools, organizing errands to dovetail with where I’ll be and when, planning working and writing blocks, […]

Interview with Dr. Heather Sandison, ND

Dr. Heather Sandison is our guest in this episode. With a focus on neurocognitive medicine and neurohacking, Dr. Sandison discusses how a naturopath facilitates holistic health and why this matters. We learn what it’s like to be a medical professional making new motherhood work while simultaneously launching a new therapeutic venture. And we get an […]

It’s time for a new bra

When was the last time you had a bra fitting?  I’m talking a proper fitting where a trained clerk measures you in a dressing room. And not at a quasi-fashion-lingerie store, rather in a specialty shop or department store. If it’s been more than one year, this one is for you.  Our bodies change from […]

The (im)perfect ten

A few weeks ago, my children turned ten. To mark the occasion, I bought myself a piece of jewelry. This is only the second time I’ve ever done this – purchased a significant bauble for myself. In the days leading up to this momentous birthday, my heart fluttered and my memory bank was in overdrive. So […]

Does wellness perpetuate the diet mentality?

Is wellness just another code word for diet? This episode focuses on how the tools we use to stay well and manage health concerns can quickly become another harmful habit. We deconstruct the diet mentality and share our own experiences disentangling from this way of thinking. Resources: Smash the Wellness Industry article Isabel Foxen Duke The […]

Essential Oils with Johonna Katz

Are essential oils all they’re made out to be? In this episode, we learn from Johonna Katz. She shares what to look for when sourcing an oil, her favorite uses, how the whole family can get in on the healing and why more isn’t always better.  Johonna worked as a technology consultant in Silicon Valley […]

Catching up: How to break-up gracefully, constraining, carnivore lifestyle, and being uncomfortable

Sarah and Stacey candidly share what’s been going on in their lives recently. Buckle up and settle in, we move quickly and cover a lot of territory! Resources/Links from today’s episode: Dr. Paul Saladino – Get your FREE GUIDE to a Kickass Morning Ritual  Join the conversation on Instagram or Facebook Be sure […]