Interview with Suzanne McKechnie Klahr, Founder of BUILD

In this episode, we get to know Suzanne Klahr. We talk about the big decision to build a career in the public sector on the heels of graduating from law school and what it means to be a CEO / wife and how this made her marriage stronger. We also discuss the magic of traveling […]

Learnings from a recent staycation

I remember enjoying staycations as a child. They offered freedom to do the things I wanted (I didn’t just stay home and clean my room – I would go out and play with friends, mess around in the kitchen with simple projects, explore the neighborhood). Staycations even offered the opportunity to experience boredom (of course […]

Need a summer list?

I’ve got a thing for lists. Both making them and consuming any “best of” list.  Psychologists say one of the many reasons our brains love lists is because of their succinct and definitive nature. We feel in control with a list guiding us. And then there’s the satisfaction and accomplishment from crossing items off. Check! […]

Why you NEED to get away

The day is almost here. Finally. One more sleep. Girls’ weekend kicks off in less than 24 hours. How often do you meet up with your girlfriends? Not for coffee or dinner or a hike – those are all necessary and valuable experiences – rather a proper getaway, an overnight or two or (gasp!) three. […]

Planning for Summer (How to Survive)

Does summer conjure up memories of endlessly long days and sunburns? As parents, our summers can take on a dramatically different feel with children out of school and more freedom. This episode centers on how to maintain a sense of care-free while still maintaining some sense of balance and spontaneity at the same time. Get […]

Summer Favorites

Summer is here! In this episode, we share our favorite things. From travel tips to our favorite recipe and book lists, listen along. Resources/Links from today’s episode: Airpods Shecology Watermelon video Kasandrinos olive oil packets Away – travel bags Beautycounter sunscreen stick Collagen travel packets Ghee travel packets Get your FREE GUIDE to a Kickass […]