Introducing December by Design (DxD)

Hey there, It’s been a rough week.  Our beloved dog Charleston died. We knew this was coming: she’d been diagnosed with kidney failure and had declined rapidly over the past few months. Yet while having advanced knowledge allows for some mental and emotional rehearsal, when the moment happens, it’s as if all that preparation goes […]

Spotlight on…Spotlights?!

Hey Friends, Drum roll please… As you may have heard, we’ve been busy developing another offering to share with you. It’s finally here. We’ve created a monthly spotlight program where we, as a group, (think you and I and anyone else who’s interested), “study” a subject. Fret not! This is not your traditional study session, […]

Thank you for being here

Hey there, Let’s start by saying thanks for being here. We know your time is precious and your effort/energy even more so and we’re grateful for your attention. Let’s hop to it. Rewind a few years and we each almost simultaneously implemented radical lifestyle changes due to small yet potentially significant health “situations”. Though our […]