Interview with Dr. Heather Sandison, ND

Dr. Heather Sandison is our guest in this episode. With a focus on neurocognitive medicine and neurohacking, Dr. Sandison discusses how a naturopath facilitates holistic health and why this matters. We learn what it’s like to be a medical professional making new motherhood work while simultaneously launching a new therapeutic venture. And we get an […]

Do dreams have an expiration date?

Do you have dreams? Do you allow yourself to dream? We explore all these questions and many more. You won’t want to miss this episode. Questions to ask yourself: When it comes to dreaming, what are you afraid of? How is this perfect for you right now? How is this serving you? What if you […]

Mental Health

In honor of Mental Health Month, we’re talking about the importance of maintaining impeccable mental health. We talk about the various types of practitioners, how to find help and when to get help. We also talk about the importance of sleep and diet to support mental health. Resources/Links from today’s episode: National Suicide Prevention Hotline […]

Why you need a food plan for vacation

Do your best food intentions fly out the window whenever you’re on vacation or away from home? If so, this episode is not to be missed. We talk about how to manage all the fun foods, ditching the diet mentality jargon and so much more. Get your FREE GUIDE to a Kickass Morning Ritual  Join […]

Eating Differently to Those around You

We often find ourselves in situations when we’re eating differently (or are trying to eat differently) to those around us. We all have unique needs and it’s vital we learn to express these for our health. Whether going to a friends house, dining out, or just eating differently to those around you in your own […]