Are you reflecting?

This has been a week of reflection.  As school winds down for the year, I’ve been marveling at how much has happened over the course of the past twelve months. One year ago this week we arrived in San Diego and became official residents of Southern California. This is not a cliffhanger. Our move has […]

Lessons learned from shooting hoops, part 1

Basketball is popular in our household, both to watch and play. Both children were on teams this winter and became acutely aware of how important free throws are to winning games. We’ve been reinforcing the only way to get better at anything is to practice consistently, and small doses add up over time and have a […]

Are you letting yourself off the hook?

In some circles, it’s become a thing to purposefully disregard New Year’s Day as the starting point for resolutions and intentionally begin on February 1. The theory being, January is simply too much. Too much emotional letdown after December; too much pressure to get it right; too much effort to start; too cold, snowy, etc. to […]

Ouch! Lessons learned from a stubbed toe

A funny thing happened the other day. Not laugh out loud funny, more womp womp. I stubbed my toe. Badly. The level to which one gasps and sees stars and the pain shoots through the body like a searing flash of lightning. Good times. It’s been three days and I wish I could say it […]

Why you NEED to get away

The day is almost here. Finally. One more sleep. Girls’ weekend kicks off in less than 24 hours. How often do you meet up with your girlfriends? Not for coffee or dinner or a hike – those are all necessary and valuable experiences – rather a proper getaway, an overnight or two or (gasp!) three. […]

Lessons learned from going (back) to Target

Confession: I used to have a Target habit. Surely you know what I mean. Aimless roaming combined with very justified (aka impulse) purchases.  When I finally realized what was happening and how I felt and the ramifications, I quit cold turkey and never looked back. For years, subsequent trips to Target were few and far […]

Stay in your own lane; you do you, boo

Hey there, So often, the conversations I have with my children are exactly the dialogue I find myself having internally or with friends.  Case in point. Earlier this week, my daughter asked why our tree is up and decorated already while her friend’s family waits until two weeks before Christmas to get their tree. My […]

Thank you

Hey there, Happy day after Thanksgiving. Before cueing up Christmas music 24/7, let’s hang in the afterglow of Thanksgiving for a moment. Because we’re giving out virtual hugs today. To each of you. When we first started this entrepreneurial adventure, we’d planned to go in a very different direction. But after several strategy sessions, we […]

Introducing December by Design (DxD)

Hey there, It’s been a rough week.  Our beloved dog Charleston died. We knew this was coming: she’d been diagnosed with kidney failure and had declined rapidly over the past few months. Yet while having advanced knowledge allows for some mental and emotional rehearsal, when the moment happens, it’s as if all that preparation goes […]

Spotlight on…Spotlights?!

Hey Friends, Drum roll please… As you may have heard, we’ve been busy developing another offering to share with you. It’s finally here. We’ve created a monthly spotlight program where we, as a group, (think you and I and anyone else who’s interested), “study” a subject. Fret not! This is not your traditional study session, […]