Lessons learned from shooting hoops, part 1

Basketball is popular in our household, both to watch and play. Both children were on teams this winter and became acutely aware of how important free throws are to winning games. We’ve been reinforcing the only way to get better at anything is to practice consistently, and small doses add up over time and have a […]

Are you afraid of Christmas cookies?

Hey there, Two weeks ago, a girlfriend shared how she’d been invited to a cookie exchange with a bunch of super cool women but didn’t want to go because she was afraid of being around all the cookies. Whoa. Cookies instilling fear? Then I remembered one particularly painful Christmas cookie baking session from a few […]

Friday, what to do when it’s one of those days? Chaos

Hey there, You’ve heard of the perfect storm. Where everything lines up just so to deliver a powerfully choreographed effect. I had one of those days last week, save the rain (this is Southern California after all). In the course of 60 minutes, the children came home from school, our friend’s dog was dropped off […]

Thank you

Hey there, Happy day after Thanksgiving. Before cueing up Christmas music 24/7, let’s hang in the afterglow of Thanksgiving for a moment. Because we’re giving out virtual hugs today. To each of you. When we first started this entrepreneurial adventure, we’d planned to go in a very different direction. But after several strategy sessions, we […]

Thank you for being here

Hey there, Let’s start by saying thanks for being here. We know your time is precious and your effort/energy even more so and we’re grateful for your attention. Let’s hop to it. Rewind a few years and we each almost simultaneously implemented radical lifestyle changes due to small yet potentially significant health “situations”. Though our […]