Fore! Lessons from the golf course

It’s been a special week here.  The children are off from school for a two-week fall break (yes, TWO WEEKS!) and the grandparents are in town so we decided to change up the scenery and take refuge in Palm Desert. It’s been delightful – the downtime, the new and different activities and the family come-togetherness […]

Cyber Security for You and Your Children

Protecting our data is a full-time job. Join us as we talk about how to keep your data secure and why you still need to do some of your own monitoring. We’ll also talk about keeping your children safe from online predators and protecting them from “adult” and cyber-bullying.  Experian  Credit Karma – free credit […]

Do you ever say no 👎 to yourself?

It’s full-on summer mode here and as much as I want to say ‘yes’ and constantly indulge my children’s (and my, let’s be honest) every whim, saying ‘no’ remains a steadfast response.  No potato chips right before dinner. No television until your daily reading is done. No ice cream for breakfast. With children, I say […]

Are you always running late? This could be a reason why

I’ve been flirting with being late a lot recently. I’m not a ‘late’ person but have been cutting it way too close and decided things needed to change. It didn’t take much to figure out the cause: it’s my ‘one more thing’ problem. As in, I will be ready to walk out the door and […]

The little bigs

All four of us flew to Philadelphia for a family milestone event. We caught up with those longest-lasting relationships, created new heartwarming memories with the younger generation and met the newest members of the family. It was also a weekend of little bigs – those seemingly insignificant moments that have a big impact on my […]

Free throws with my son, part 2

This is part 2 of 2. To read the full post from last week, click here. To summarize, basketball reigns supreme at Casa Vulakh and my 9 year-old son was beating himself up during a free throw practice session last week.  He learned the importance of coaching himself and being his own BFF. That translated to […]

Lessons learned from shooting hoops, part 1

Basketball is popular in our household, both to watch and play. Both children were on teams this winter and became acutely aware of how important free throws are to winning games. We’ve been reinforcing the only way to get better at anything is to practice consistently, and small doses add up over time and have a […]