When an inch feels like so much more

I used to be a barre junkie. Four years ago, you could find me in a 6a class multiple days per week. I’d be front and center, at the barre, mirror adjacent, next to the teacher.  Then we moved and although I test-drove different studios, I didn’t find my right fit and other activities took […]

What to do when there’s nothing left to do

Last week, I had some rather extensive dental work done.  This was far from my first dental rodeo and yet the recovery process hit new levels. Recuperation lasted longer than anticipated and I opted out of many family activities, including seeing dear out-of-town guests. Consumption of anything more than bone broth, applesauce and mashed avocado […]

A Parenting Victory!

School started this week and what a difference a year makes. Last year, we were the new family and Zander and Daisy were the new kids. We had zero pre-existing knowledge of their assigned teachers, how the school worked or where their classrooms were on that first day. Things sure have changed. Both children were […]

For the ❤ of reading

Today’s the day!  One of the first emails in my inbox is an announcement from Amazon indicating a book I’d pre-ordered had dropped into my Kindle account and is ready to be read. Eeeeek. It’s like Christmas morning! Not a day goes by where I don’t read – seriously, nary a day.  For as long […]

Finding Your Flow

I remember the first time I entered a local barre class over 7 years ago. It was my first exercise class since high school (so it had been a few years) and I was so nervous. I had just had 2 children in the past 4 years and I wasn’t feeling great about my ability […]

Do you ever say no 👎 to yourself?

It’s full-on summer mode here and as much as I want to say ‘yes’ and constantly indulge my children’s (and my, let’s be honest) every whim, saying ‘no’ remains a steadfast response.  No potato chips right before dinner. No television until your daily reading is done. No ice cream for breakfast. With children, I say […]

Are you always running late? This could be a reason why

I’ve been flirting with being late a lot recently. I’m not a ‘late’ person but have been cutting it way too close and decided things needed to change. It didn’t take much to figure out the cause: it’s my ‘one more thing’ problem. As in, I will be ready to walk out the door and […]

Rocky Balboa, I’m coming for ya!

A few months ago, I started boxing.  Whoa. Let’s just say Rocky Balboa made it look easy. It was categorically NOT easy. Quite the opposite. Learning boxing was hard. Everything about it was uncomfortable. Foreign. New, and not the exciting kind of new. I didn’t know the lingo and terminology.  I didn’t know the mechanics required to […]

Healing My Gut

A healthy gut. It’s necessary for long-term optimal health. A few years ago, I was diagnosed – in the early stages – to have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks the butterfly-shaped thyroid gland. I wasn’t sick – yet – but I could tell something was off. Working with a functional […]

Learnings from a recent staycation

I remember enjoying staycations as a child. They offered freedom to do the things I wanted (I didn’t just stay home and clean my room – I would go out and play with friends, mess around in the kitchen with simple projects, explore the neighborhood). Staycations even offered the opportunity to experience boredom (of course […]