The gift of choice

Admittedly, the adjustment to being home 24/7 has been a welcome one for me.  As a homebody and introvert, being here with my favorite people is treasured. So much of our pre-March lives were spent on-the-go, dashing from one place to another, barely remembering what we did during a day, only to plop into bed and […]

What about those calendar reminders?

I had a moment this morning. It was during my coffee-reading-alone-in-the-dark-time which is even more cherished with everyone here every moment of the day 24/7. The daily calendar reminders started popping up on my iPad screen.  On any given day there are several pop-ups – conference calls, appointments, carpool reminders, feed the fish, etc.  If […]

A love letter in the face of chaos

This is a unique moment in time. I know you’re confused, maybe overwhelmed and possibly freaking out. You’re going to be OK. I know this because you’ve made it through everything else life has served up to this point.  And there’s been some rough stuff: deaths and break-ups, sicknesses and job losses, periods of loneliness, […]

What do wine and pink pants have in common?

It’s been a week, to say the least. We are right there with you and feeling all the emotions. This is unchartered territory and if you find yourself behaving unexpectedly, please be compassionate and understanding with yourself. There’s no manual for how to do these life moments. In social work school, we were taught to […]

Are you waiting for a movie moment?

I spend a few minutes each morning on social media scrolling, absorbing, checking in. It’s part informational, part social, part observational. Lately, there has been an abundance of inspirational posts about seizing the moment; jumping in; just starting; doing the thing. Yes and yes. It occurred to me (and I may, ahem, have been guilty […]

Have you met your future self?

I’d no sooner joined the Zoom call with my coach when she forewarned me that at some point during our call she’d need to excuse herself to sign for a delivery. No problem. Been there myself. Within seconds the doorbell rang. Bonus, better now than when we’re deep in discussion. She returned to the call […]

For when life is just too much (and when isn’t it?)

There’s a theme this week.  Overwhelm and ensuing paralysis because sometimes there’s just too much. A friend is navigating a family situation sparked by one event. It’s the domino effect: a recently hospitalized loved one, managing the 24/7 in-home care of a sibling and an aging parent with memory issues.  A colleague is dealing with an […]

Did someone say road trip? 🚙

We’re road-tripping this week – our first road trip in a couple of years. I can’t wait. We’ll be meeting the newest member of our extended family, skiing at our old stomping grounds and taking in a few sights and favorite stops along the way. It’s going to be stupendous. After graduating, my first job […]

Crying in my car

Four days before Christmas, I lost my wallet. It was the first time that’s ever happened. Ever. I don’t lose things. On Sunday before Christmas, Daisy and I went for early morning manicures and pedicures. When it was time to pay, my wallet was nowhere to be found.  My mind started racing. Where was my […]

How to call B$** on yourself

I carry a notebook with me wherever I go.  It’s my back-up brain in that all of my to-do items and meeting notes, brainstorms and ideas are inside. I’d be lost without it. For the past six months, there’s been one to-do item on the list every single week. That’s approximately 24 to-do lists. There […]