The gift of choice

Admittedly, the adjustment to being home 24/7 has been a welcome one for me. 

As a homebody and introvert, being here with my favorite people is treasured.

So much of our pre-March lives were spent on-the-go, dashing from one place to another, barely remembering what we did during a day, only to plop into bed and wake to do it all again.

I’m exhausted remembering those days.

I’ve shared previously about our cookie + crumb dinnertime tradition. Everyone shares their high and low point of the day.

A few weeks ago, there were more choices from which to choose – we were all out and about at school and work and activities. There were oodles of interactions, infinitely more external stimulation.

Now when we gather around the table, our menu of options is simpler – it’s the four of us all the time, together in the driveway shooting hoops or walking the ‘hood or cuddled on the couch watching the Harry Potter movies.

Yet the cookie + crumb game remains strong. 

Last night, Daisy’s cookie was shouting to her friend from the end of our driveway. Zander’s was finishing his Lego. I was grateful for discovering two new streets on our neighborhood walk.

Now more than ever, I choose to focus on the little things. It’s what we have. 

It’s all we’ve ever had.

Stacey (+Sarah)

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