What do wine and pink pants have in common?

It’s been a week, to say the least. We are right there with you and feeling all the emotions. This is unchartered territory and if you find yourself behaving unexpectedly, please be compassionate and understanding with yourself. There’s no manual for how to do these life moments.

In social work school, we were taught to assess clients for HALT. Avoid being Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. This holds true for us today. And remember, while we can’t control what’s happening “out there” we have absolute agency over how we respond and show up.

Hugs to you and love from us both. Reach out if you need to chat please. And now, here’s this week’s note (we kept it light purposely).

Remember those ‘drink the bottle’ wine parties? 

Friends would gather, bring special bottles they’d been saving for just the right occasion and have a party for the ages. They may still happen for all I know. 

Festive concept and I get it but also never understood why not drink the wine anyway? Uncorking a special bottle is momentous in its own right, party or not.

A similar thing happened earlier this week only not with wine.

It was a hair slash errand day and the sun was shining. 

Instead of my usual uniform (navy or gray or black sweater + mom or skinny jeans + boots or high tops), I donned new duds.

Hot pink pants!

A colorful t-shirt!

A blue blazer!

Purchased specifically for a trip that got canceled due to the ever-evolving travel-scape, these clothes have been hanging in my closet for a few weeks now. With tags still attached and peeking out, they were begging to be worn.

Carpe diem.

All day long, I walked taller and even got a few comments on the pants, notably from my husband who inquired where I was going all dudded up.

Just out and about, I replied. And these pants aren’t fancy, they’re pink. And they might be new.

Alrighty, he said, in that case, carry on.

And I did. Proud in pink, feeling sassy in the clothes I’d been saving for what I’m not exactly sure.

It’s always the little things, as you know, that make the biggest difference.

So wear your favorite dress, drink that bottle, use the wedding china.

Life’s too short and you, my love, are worth it.

Be well.
Stacey (+Sarah)

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