Are you waiting for a movie moment?

I spend a few minutes each morning on social media scrolling, absorbing, checking in. It’s part informational, part social, part observational.

Lately, there has been an abundance of inspirational posts about seizing the moment; jumping in; just starting; doing the thing. Yes and yes.

It occurred to me (and I may, ahem, have been guilty of this at one point or another), many of us are waiting for a lightbulb moment. For the stars to align. For that slip-on-a-banana-peel moment where everything changes.

Here’s the thing. Life is not a movie.

Even if one of those moments were to happen (and they do all the time, we just don’t see them), we still get it wrong. 

It’s not the event itself that inspires or causes change. Never. 

Because actions don’t change people.

It’s what we think about the moment that changes us. It’s always our thoughts.

Case in point. 

A lifetime ago, I worked with substance abuse patients as a mental health practitioner. They each recalled countless moments where they “should’ve” hit rock bottom. Embarrassing events; public shaming; the loss of careers and relationships, homes and financial hits.

Any one of these moments could’ve been considered life-altering. 

Yet for these individuals, the pivots didn’t happen because events don’t cause change. Remember, it’s always one’s thoughts about the event.

Each patient shared their benign moment when their thoughts began to change. 

One was nursing a hangover while watching their children play outside; another talked about a panic attack while driving through a tunnel.

Powerful moments for certain yet nowhere near the level of humiliation and shame they’d experienced during those bigger moments years prior.

What made these moments pivotal was the changing of their thoughts. They decided things needed to change.

Because nothing changes if nothing changes.

As with any change, there will be hard times, uncomfortable moments, tensions and missteps. It’s called the human experience. Welcome to life.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign – that proverbial movie moment – it’s here. Nothing fancy, no lights, no music.

Just these words:

This is your lightbulb moment. It’s yours for the taking. Now go do that thing you so desperately want to do. 

Please. The world needs you. You need you.

Be well.
Stacey (+Sarah)

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