A love letter in the face of chaos

This is a unique moment in time. I know you’re confused, maybe overwhelmed and possibly freaking out.

You’re going to be OK.

I know this because you’ve made it through everything else life has served up to this point. 

And there’s been some rough stuff: deaths and break-ups, sicknesses and job losses, periods of loneliness, tremendous sadness and fear.

And yet you survived.

This moment in time is no different, even though you may think it is.

Acknowledge the fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, insert emotion here.

Sure it’s uncomfortable but you can do this.

Those feelings are going to happen anyway. Feel them.

Do NOT resist, ignore or try to push away. That only makes it worse.

Resistance shows up as extra glasses of wine, a few too many cookies, explosive anger with our children during home school sessions, and blow-outs with our significant other over minutiae.

So be kind to yourself. Relax the rules. Go excessively easy on yourself and cut everyone extra slack. 

You’re doing the best you can. I know you are.

Just like those other storms you thought you’d never weather, this too will resolve itself. 

You can do this. Messy, untidy and imperfect it will be and yay – you’re having a human experience and will be stronger and better as a result.

With all the hugs,
Stacey (+Sarah)

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