We were off to see the Wizard 🎵

Our family has been on a movie binge over the past several months. 

At ten, my children are finally old enough to start watching classics from the 80s and 90s.

The Sandlot. Mrs. Doubtfire. Big. These are just a few.

I love these moments.

Seeing their reactions, fielding their questions, and of course, reliving some of my own childhood memories. And we’re together. 

A few weeks ago, I set the DVR to grab the Wizard of Oz because it’s been on the list.

Finally the moment arrived. We hit play and let it roll. 

Viewing lasted 45 minutes before restlessness set in and they began to lose interest.

We explained the historical relevance of the movie and how it was the first of its kind “way way back when” (code for when their grandparents were young).

We watched a bit more until it was time for bed.

Since then, any attempt to finish the movie has been nipped in the bud.

I get it. They’re not interested. It’s not their jam.

Sure, it may have been an important cinematic experience eighty-plus years ago.

And it may still hold historical significance for some.

And maybe someday they’ll want to watch it in its entirety. Or maybe they won’t.

And maybe someday I’ll decide they need to watch it. Or not.

But for now, it remains half watched on our DVR.

In life and as a parent, one constant is knowing when to push for something and when to let it go.

I decided to let this one go.

Because sometimes letting go just feels right.

Be well.
Stacey (+Sarah)

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