How befriending discomfort can be the smartest move💯

Happy New Year.

My head has been swirling for the past few days with lots of self-imposed pressure to get back in the swing of things with gusto.

But the gusto hasn’t arrived.

The transition from vacation mindset to routine mindset is vastly different and while I love my everyday life, the shift feels harder this time around.

The ‘why’ struck like lightning on Tuesday evening. 

Between a conversation with my coach and listening to a podcast, came a big a-ha-light-bulb-mic-drop moment.

I dislike discomfort (this part is not a new insight).

The feeling of discomfort that comes up in daily situations (think: having a courageous conversation, making a habit change, completing a task outside my comfort zone) is unpleasant and uncomfortable and I shy away. I avoid. I resist.

And this is not serving me.

Remember, our brains are wired to keep us safe by seeking pleasure and avoiding pain in the most efficient manner possible. This worked well when our ancestors lived in caves and ran from dinosaurs.

Today, the threats are infinitely less life-threatening yet our brains still employ the same operating system dating back thousands of years.

So when we are faced with a choice (changing a habit – say going for a walk vs. couch-sitting), our brains naturally choose comfort – couch-sitting – over the discomfort of a walk even though there is no real danger.

What I hadn’t seen is how in every single facet of my life, resisting discomfort plays a part (this is the new insight). 

What does this show up as? 

I’m not growing as I’d like, not taking enough risks and putting myself out there. In some cases, not seeing the results I desire.

Ouch, right?

And herein lies my path, the work for today and many tomorrows: befriending discomfort.

Will it be scary and unpleasant and will I make several missteps?

Yes, yes and most definitely yes.

But I’m up for it.

Because magic happens when we’re able to own all our feelings, especially the uncomfortable ones.

Be well.
Stacey (+Sarah)

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