When it feels like gratitude isn’t “working”

Admittedly, a few years back, I was a bit underwhelmed by the whole gratitude concept. 

I show thanks daily. I grew up saying prayers at bedtime. Our family collectively holds hands and recites thanks before dinner. And I write thank you notes aplenty.

What more is there?

Turns out, a lot.

And it didn’t hit me until I started keeping a gratitude journal. 

For starters, the very act of writing is transformative. The connection between physically holding a writing instrument and pressing it against paper and what happens in the brain is powerful.

Writing improves our processing abilities and cognition and deepens the connection with what we put on paper. Simply put, that which we write has a better chance of being remembered and internalized.

Here’s why I choose to dedicate the very first minutes of my morning ritual to writing in my gratitude journal:My heart opens and I end up feeling fuller, softer, more abundant, and optimisticGratitude instills a shift inward. In our externally-focused world, it’s easy to follow the shiny objects and get distracted from what really matters. Gratitude draws us back in, back to our essence, our selvesEven in the midst of a rough patch, gratitude teaches us to look deeper. By connecting with the seemingly most insignificant thing we can begin a shift from going down a rabbit hole to seeing the lightInward reflection is a slowing down, a pause to acknowledge the little things. Because life is about the little things. And the little things are the big things.Developing a deeper gratitude practice has been magical for me. It took time and tweaking but this works for me.

And for this, I am truly grateful.


Thank you for being here week after week. We know how precious your time and energy are. Our hearts are full and we thank you for your continued support.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Be well.
Stacey (+Sarah)
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