Making white space

Mondays are my favorite. The newness of a week. The promise of what’s to come – that which has been planned and the spontaneous moments – it all awaits.

The first hour of my Monday is about calendaring. Scheduling the carpools, organizing errands to dovetail with where I’ll be and when, planning working and writing blocks, and identifying where help will come in handy.

This week, I added one to the list: calendaring through to year-end.

With just under 6 weeks left in 2019 (how is this even possible?!), and preparing to welcome one of the busiest times of the year, having my ducks in a row seemed prudent.

Typically, I’d reflexively schedule those remaining doctor’s visits, squeeze in a few meetings or coffee dates and schedule a massage/facial/acupuncture/whatever. 

Not this year.

Instead, I looked to scale down and reschedule appointments. Deferring all that was possible. 

Each year, my goal is to have more white space throughout December to savor my favorite seasonal activities. To languish versus jamming and cramming.

White space to make hot chocolate and crank up the tunes and bake cookies.

White space to introduce the children to a new holiday movie or two. 

White space to re-watch my favorite flicks for the 59th time.

White space to cuddle with the new puppy and do a puzzle in front of the roaring fire.

This is our second Christmas in San Diego and there’s a laundry list of festive activities people have been saying are must-dos. A teddy bear tea. Strolling the botanical garden. Exploring holiday bazaars and going on light tours of various neighborhoods.

These are my priorities for now.

Everything else can wait.

And yes, something will pop up and it may or may not be important and I may or may not add it to my plans. 

After this week’s calendar audit, at least I know there is the bandwidth to accommodate.

Be well.
Stacey (+Sarah)
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