It’s time for a new bra

When was the last time you had a bra fitting? 

I’m talking a proper fitting where a trained clerk measures you in a dressing room. And not at a quasi-fashion-lingerie store, rather in a specialty shop or department store.

If it’s been more than one year, this one is for you. 

Our bodies change from year to year – you may be more muscular or be embracing certain “shifts”. It’s OK, we’re human. 

Things definitely change every few years and with 100% certainty have changed since before you had children or your last big birthday ending in a zero. Even if the scale numbers are the same and you’re wearing the same size, trust me, your lady parts have morphed.

Naturally, bras morph as well. They stretch out. They get tired. The styles change. And your needs evolve, too. More lift, more zhoosh, less whatever.

My mother was a firm believer in regular bra fittings and instilled this in me at a young age, making an outing of it at our local department store. Cue the embarrassment.

Once on my own, I frequented the same shop for 24 years. It never ceased to impress me when year after year the petite French shopkeeper could eyeball me (with clothes on!)  to perfection.

Two years ago, she wasn’t there when I made my annual pilgrimage. Last year either. 

So I found a new shop, in the heart of the theater district and concluded, if they can outfit stage performers, they could help me.

And they did and will again this week. 

My annual appointment (ha, sounds like I’m going to the gynecologist) is a highlight. I walk out feeling confident and proud and carrying myself with a bit more poise. Silly as it may sound, this one act of self-care carries me through the year. I love getting new bras.

Consider this your lingerie PSA. Get measured and buy a new bra or two. Your girls will thank you.

Be well.
Stacey (+Sarah)
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