Why you NEED to get away

The day is almost here. Finally. One more sleep.

Girls’ weekend kicks off in less than 24 hours.

How often do you meet up with your girlfriends? Not for coffee or dinner or a hike – those are all necessary and valuable experiences – rather a proper getaway, an overnight or two or (gasp!) three.

I know exactly what you’re thinking because they’re my thoughts, too. Are you kidding? I’d love to but couldn’t possibly. There’s no way I can go for that long. Umm, I have children and work and volunteer commitments and, and, and…

With peace and love, I’m calling all of us out.

We can get away. Yes, it takes coordinating a million logistical details but it’s beyond worth it, to you and everyone around you. 

You are better you when you get away and you know it.

We’ve been planning this since September. Getting excited. Researching. Volleying ideas back and forth.

And with each text and conversation, the excitement level amps up.

There’s science behind the value of anticipation, particularly the anticipation of a shared experience versus acquisition of a material item. 

Events help inform who we are and reinforce human connection. Additionally, anticipation gives us something to look forward to and serves to soften the sometimes daily grind of life.

Researchers from the Netherlands documented over 1,500 people and found a boost in their levels of happiness for eight weeks leading up to a vacation. After the vacation, happiness levels returned to baseline levels relatively quickly. 

While memories are important, it seems anticipation has a more significant impact.

Clearly, we can all benefit from having something to anticipate. It doesn’t have to be a two week vacation, anything will do – a date, a new movie or book, a cup of coffee from your favorite barista, massage, or that favorite barre class.

Obviously, my vote is for quality time (in a hotel, with a spa and some decadent restaurants) with your girls.

Let me know where and when you want to meet up.

Be well.
Stacey (+ Sarah)

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