What to do when there’s nothing left to do

Last week, I had some rather extensive dental work done. 

This was far from my first dental rodeo and yet the recovery process hit new levels.

Recuperation lasted longer than anticipated and I opted out of many family activities, including seeing dear out-of-town guests.

Consumption of anything more than bone broth, applesauce and mashed avocado was out of the question.

I may have had one jowl resembling a former late night talk show host (cough cough, Shmay Shmeno).

I’d taken the medicines and begun the healing protocol.

I slept. I went for the follow-up visit and talked with the surgeon. I rested some more.

And then I did nothing.

I’m not a do nothing person. Far from it.

Yet sometimes, there’s nothing to do because there’s nothing more to be done. 

Except be. Allow the healing process. And sit with the physical discomfort.

That wasn’t easy or comfortable.

Yet it’s the most valuable lesson.

Because when we can be with discomfort (whether emotional, mental and/or physical), we stop resisting. We stop fighting and railing against.

We stop engaging in behaviors (overeating, over-social media-ing, compulsive shopping, drinking, etc.) in order to avoid the discomfort. We stop blaming. And self-sabotaging.

And that is everything.

In the allowance comes an overwhelming sense of peace and calm.

An acceptance.

An understanding of this is where I am now, today. 

And it’s going to be OK. 

Be well.
Stacey (+ Sarah)

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