This was a first and I’m not apologizing

I experienced two firsts this week and at the tender age of 47, firsts are becoming more rare.

My husband and I flew to Seattle to pick up our new puppy (more on her later).

He booked a room in a hotel that wasn’t our typical with the goal of being adventurous.

Oh, what an adventure.

The first first. The room had no windows. Only walls.

Located in an old building in a gentrifying part of town with an edgy vibe, this was different (which I appreciate and invite) yet unnervingly uncomfortable (again, which I appreciate and invite AT TIMES – this was not one of those times). 

Immediately upon walking into the room, I felt a tightness in my chest and a racing heart and knew there was no way I’d be able to sleep there for a night.

And so I did something I’ve never done.

Second first. We left.

Years ago, a younger me would’ve made it work by rationalizing and trying to calm myself, apologizing for feeling a certain way, then blaming myself for feeling what I was feeling.

Not this me.

This me is self-aware and owns all my parts and facets. Even the inconvenient parts that make finding a hotel room at 5pm on a moment’s notice in the middle of summer in a city overcome with tourists a *challenge*.

It all worked out. And I slept like a baby, next to the window of course.

Lesson #1 ( a lesson I never imagined needing to learn). Always ask if there are windows in the room, especially when trying a new hotel.

Lesson #2. There are times to embrace discomfort. For me on this occasion, I was unwilling however you can bet I’ll be working on this in the future.

Lastly, puppies are adorable. 

Meet Olive Butter Vulakh. Born June 11, 2019.

Be well.
Stacey (+ Sarah)

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