PART II: Your past has NOTHING to do with your future (and why that’s the BEST news)

Last week we explored how our past has no bearing on our present or future. None. 

Still can’t wrap your head around this? 

Think about that flub you made in high school or even last year – not doing that again, right?! And the reason you’re not is because you decided to think, feel and act otherwise.

At any given moment, we can choose to show up differently and create alternate results.

It really is as simple as that. Easy is another story.

Choosing to think differently generates new emotions which in turn generates diverse actions. Because everything we do is based on a feeling we’re either trying to create or avoid.

Yet so often we continue to recycle our thoughts and emotions and actions and end up with the same results or some variation thereof.

I’m willing to bet you want more. More success, more happiness, more fill-in-the-blank. Or maybe it’s less stress, less prosecco-ing, less sadness.

It’s all the same.

And it all comes down to your thoughts.

But how do we begin the change?

It’s a process. It’s initiating new behaviors and takes dedicated practice, if only because we’re unaccustomed to watching our thoughts.

Start by paying attention to what you’re thinking. Eavesdrop on your inner dialogue, cue into what you tell yourself, listen to those tracks that have been running for years.

This practice can be incredibly revealing and the first many times I tried, it felt uncomfortable and I was sure I was doing it all wrong.

Keep going. Keep being quiet, listening, writing, listening, and writing.

You’ll be shocked and amazed by what your brain is saying.

Be well.
Stacey (+Sarah)

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