Ouch! Lessons learned from a stubbed toe

A funny thing happened the other day. Not laugh out loud funny, more womp womp.

I stubbed my toe. Badly. The level to which one gasps and sees stars and the pain shoots through the body like a searing flash of lightning.

Good times.

It’s been three days and I wish I could say it feels better. But it’s doesn’t because it’s broken. Ugh.

Being with the pain is not the problem. It’s the inconvenience of slowing down that’s the problem.

There are places to go and things to do and people to see and deals to make and hearts to break (a little Dr. Seuss-like isn’t it – ha! Cracking myself up).

Two things I don’t do well: moving slowly and being injured. But who does, really?

Then it hit me. Twice.

First, my thoughts about the situation are tripping me up (no pun intended). Thoughts such as, Ugh, this is so inconvenient, you’re so klutzy, when is this going to get better?!

An immediate re-frame was in order and I decided to accept and allow this moment. It happened. Big whoop. Resisting, berating myself and trying to power through were keeping me frustrated and feeling disempowered.

Second, this is only for now. Life goes on. My toe will heal. However for now, this is where I am.


Just like that, I felt better. At least my mental chatter has calmed down. My toe, that still hurts a bit.

For now.

Be well.
Stacey (+ Sarah)

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