Getting ready for daylight savings

Hey friends,

Daylight Savings Time ends next week on November 4th. Which means it’s almost time to get that extra hour back you’ve been craving since the spring.

A few years ago, I decided to leverage that one extra hour by doing one thing I’d been putting off for ages. Let me tell you, it was exhilarating and yielded such a sense of accomplishment. What was it? Writing 20+ thank you notes from a long ago party. Sure, I could’ve just as easily decided to do something else but that provided a much-needed sense of relief.

That being said, what one thing will you do with the extra hour in your day? Imagine the possibilities and start planning. And yes, sleep is always an option!

Over the next week, consider the impact the time change has on your body. With less sunlight, we may feel more tired and groggy. RESIST the temptation to dive into a bowl of Halloween candy or have an extra cup of coffee. The momentary urge isn’t worth it – sugar begets more sugar and the midday caffeine rush can wreak havoc later when you’re trying to sleep.

Instead, do ten jumping jacks, have a glass of water, hold a 30 second plank, or take a quick walk around the block or outside of your office (bonus if the sun is still shining for extra vitamin D). You’ll be so glad you did. And yes, I do all these things from time to time.

Lastly, if you have little little ones or have a history of a few uneasy nights adjusting to the time change, start going to bed a few minutes later each night for the next week. This lessens the abruptness of the time change and supports the gradual shift of the circadian rhythms.

Be well.

fStacey + Sarah

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