Do you ever say no 👎 to yourself?

It’s full-on summer mode here and as much as I want to say ‘yes’ and constantly indulge my children’s (and my, let’s be honest) every whim, saying ‘no’ remains a steadfast response. 

No potato chips right before dinner. No television until your daily reading is done. No ice cream for breakfast.

With children, I say no because of the focus on their safety and well-being and because I want more for them. It’s my parental responsibility. 

Saying no may seem like a buzz kill however it can also be the sincerest form of loving care and compassion.

Because saying no to one thing means saying yes to another. 

Do you ever say no to yourself?

What if you say no the next time you contemplate skipping a workout. Or when it comes to that next glass of wine. Or the impulse purchase waiting in your virtual shopping cart.

No to skipping the gym means yes to feeling and being stronger. No to that next glass of wine means yes to waking up earlier to journal. No to that new dress means yes to a nicer one later. 

A little no now means a whole lotta yes later.

Be well.
Stacey (+ Sarah)

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