Are you letting yourself off the hook?

In some circles, it’s become a thing to purposefully disregard New Year’s Day as the starting point for resolutions and intentionally begin on February 1.

The theory being, January is simply too much. Too much emotional letdown after December; too much pressure to get it right; too much effort to start; too cold, snowy, etc. to do whatever.

With peace and love I say, puh-leeze.

If we’re constantly deferring or giving up because the time isn’t right or the weather is too whatever, where does that leave us? What message are we sending ourselves (and modeling for our littles) if imperfection and frustration are reason to not start or quit?

Can we please agree to end the all-or-nothing-perfection-is-the-only-way mentality? Pretty please?

Deferring and delaying is not self-care. It’s selling ourselves short, ignoring our dreams, and giving up when the going gets tough or messy or inconvenient or uncomfortable.

Life and timing will never be just right and in waiting or wishing for it to be, we are actively choosing to give away our most valuable and precious resource – time.

This is not to say, push through the pain at all costs and berate and drive yourself into the ground. Quite the contrary.

This is about showing up for you, for what you want, for where you’re going, for what you’re wanting to create. Even when it’s inconvenient, takes effort, and may not be easy.

Yes, showing up can be hard but so what. 

Aren’t you worth your time and energy? After all, if you’re not showing up for you, what’s left?

Carpe diem is real. 

Do one thing, it doesn’t matter how big or small that one thing is – just do something. Little things add up over time and creating momentum and generating a sense of accomplishment fuel more of the same.

And please let that perfection thing go. It sounds pretty but it’s an incredibly limiting, destructive and diminishing mindset. It’s the devil in disguise and you can do better. 

I know you can. Because I’ve been there, too. 

Hugs and be well.
Stacey (+Sarah)

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