Are you always running late? This could be a reason why

I’ve been flirting with being late a lot recently.

I’m not a ‘late’ person but have been cutting it way too close and decided things needed to change.

It didn’t take much to figure out the cause: it’s my ‘one more thing’ problem.

As in, I will be ready to walk out the door and will have an extra minute or two before needing to leave and will proceed to send a text, or put 3 plates in the dishwasher, or unpack a recently delivered package, or fill in the blank.

It could be anything. 

The point is my attempts to do one more thing often end up taking more time than anticipated resulting in me rushing and stressing.

This isn’t a new habit and while previous breakups weren’t initially hard, staying focused and committed was a different story. 

Yet with practice and a few gentle reminders, it’s do-able. 

So I’m going back. Because I don’t like feeling rushed and being thisclose to being late. 

I do like feeling calm and centered. I appreciate arriving with a moment to spare to either collect my thoughts or ponder what lay ahead. To reflect. To breathe. To just be.

Focusing on the feeling I want to generate will get me there. Always does. 

Be well.
Stacey (+ Sarah)

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