Rocky Balboa, I’m coming for ya!

A few months ago, I started boxing.  Whoa. Let’s just say Rocky Balboa made it look easy. It was categorically NOT easy. Quite the opposite. Learning boxing was hard. Everything about it was uncomfortable. Foreign. New, and not the exciting kind of new. I didn’t know the lingo and terminology.  I didn’t know the mechanics required to […]

Healing My Gut

A healthy gut. It’s necessary for long-term optimal health. A few years ago, I was diagnosed – in the early stages – to have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks the butterfly-shaped thyroid gland. I wasn’t sick – yet – but I could tell something was off. Working with a functional […]

Learnings from a recent staycation

I remember enjoying staycations as a child. They offered freedom to do the things I wanted (I didn’t just stay home and clean my room – I would go out and play with friends, mess around in the kitchen with simple projects, explore the neighborhood). Staycations even offered the opportunity to experience boredom (of course […]

Are you reflecting?

This has been a week of reflection.  As school winds down for the year, I’ve been marveling at how much has happened over the course of the past twelve months. One year ago this week we arrived in San Diego and became official residents of Southern California. This is not a cliffhanger. Our move has […]

Who knew a picnic could be this good?

Lately, we’ve been having a picnic dinner at the beach on Wednesday evenings. Alex took the children a few weeks back – I was away at the time and he wanted to shake things up – and since then it’s become a standing weekly family date. We all love this new tradition. I love it specifically […]

Need a summer list?

I’ve got a thing for lists. Both making them and consuming any “best of” list.  Psychologists say one of the many reasons our brains love lists is because of their succinct and definitive nature. We feel in control with a list guiding us. And then there’s the satisfaction and accomplishment from crossing items off. Check! […]

The little bigs

All four of us flew to Philadelphia for a family milestone event. We caught up with those longest-lasting relationships, created new heartwarming memories with the younger generation and met the newest members of the family. It was also a weekend of little bigs – those seemingly insignificant moments that have a big impact on my […]

Free throws with my son, part 2

This is part 2 of 2. To read the full post from last week, click here. To summarize, basketball reigns supreme at Casa Vulakh and my 9 year-old son was beating himself up during a free throw practice session last week.  He learned the importance of coaching himself and being his own BFF. That translated to […]

Lessons learned from shooting hoops, part 1

Basketball is popular in our household, both to watch and play. Both children were on teams this winter and became acutely aware of how important free throws are to winning games. We’ve been reinforcing the only way to get better at anything is to practice consistently, and small doses add up over time and have a […]

Are you letting yourself off the hook?

In some circles, it’s become a thing to purposefully disregard New Year’s Day as the starting point for resolutions and intentionally begin on February 1. The theory being, January is simply too much. Too much emotional letdown after December; too much pressure to get it right; too much effort to start; too cold, snowy, etc. to […]