Thank you for being here

Hey there,

Let’s start by saying thanks for being here. We know your time is precious and your effort/energy even more so and we’re grateful for your attention. Let’s hop to it.

Rewind a few years and we each almost simultaneously implemented radical lifestyle changes due to small yet potentially significant health “situations”. Though our paths were different, the end result was the same: needing and wanting more information about what it means to be healthful and relying on a community of support to help get us there.

We each graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and joined together in an effort to provide a practical, realistic and light-hearted approach to what it means to live well.

Our goals are to:

  • Build a community where we can talk amongst ourselves (ask questions and discuss respectfully)
  • Educate around the kajillion (ok, myriad) of factors that comprise real health
  • Empower you to seek answers and advocate on behalf of you and your loved ones
  • Encourage you to do what’s right for you, regardless of what your BFF and/or neighbor is doing

The result is our weekly podcast and now this newsletter. Future projects are in development so we hope you stay tuned.

We’ll drop in your inbox every week and vow to keep things short and sweet. Please drop us a line if you have a question or comment – we’re open to any and all feedback!

Be well.
Stacey + Sarah

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