Interview with Michele Wymer

We chat with Michele Wymer on how she gracefully manages a very full life. With a thriving Washington, D.C.-based career, Michele is a mother to four little ones, a supportive wife and community member and avid runner. 

After nearly a decade of service in the United States Senate, Michele joined the Kyle House Group, an international policy, trade, government relations and advocacy firm, in 2011.  Although often in Washington, DC with clients, Michele is based in Silicon Valley California and works with clients around the globe to develop advocacy and business strategies designed to influence U.S. policy to benefit the world’s most marginalized populations. A foreign policy expert, Michele has spent much of her career working with organizations abroad and has traveled to over 65 countries (many of the world’s poorest), overseeing the U.S. foreign assistance budget and the work of her clients. A passionate and hands-on mom of four, Michele spends her non-working hours driving carpool, attending every type of sporting event, making and cleaning messes, wiping bottoms and tears and soaking up the goodness and chaos of balancing mom-life and work-life. 

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